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rmp infotec
Before telling something about this business First of all I would like to tell you some hard facts of world, Its not a small business its a great Industry. Believe it or not.

1. Multi level marketing is the need of present as well as future.
2. In Europe 40% people are doing this business.
3. In Asia there are hardily 2% people are doing this business.
4. Imagine how much potential are there in India for this business so we should grab this opportunity.
5. In Europe MLM is being study as a subject like math & science in education universities

There are so many compnies running MLM concept in india, it is very difficult to sort out the best plan. but if you really want to do a MLM, you should take three P always in your mind.
That is Product, Plan and Person.
Product :- Must be usable.
Plan :- Must give better results.
Person :- your upline, Must be hard worker and with helping nature with the downline.
Aparet from this before joining check all following parameters in the company.
1.Credibility & Stability of the Company
2.Products (Valuable and useful)
3.Wealth plan
4.Professional Team support
All these things are very important and you can’t find four things in any company except RMP so join RMP and grow with us.


People who change after change will survive
People who change with change will succeed
People who cause the change will lead….

RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd. started in December 2001.In 10 years, it has turned 1400 people into crorepaties- all of them with recurring income in crores (not just one time. Over and over again). At present, there are countless people with a recurring income in lakhs.
RMP stands for Resource of Money and Power.
Its motto is: “Grow With Us”Our Vision: “To help our distributors to attain the status of financial freedom”
RMP Infotec Private Limited was established in 2001 according to Company's Act 1956, RMP was registered on 24th August 2001 in Chennai, India with the basic idea of educating and shift working quadrents of common man with latest technology to meet global standards. Company are very very efficient and flexible to cope with the changing demand of people.
RMP is a big venture of
Successfully doing business in Steel, Metals, Trading , Construction & Finance for more than 65 Years
(Annual Turnover Rs. 4000 crores, Assets Rs 1000 crores)
  • Pioneers in Metal products in India
  • The first Company to produce Steel Utensils
  • Products include Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc., provides steel sheets for Hyundai Cars
  • Their Financial Services have clients like the Film Industry involving crores of Rupees.
  • Mahavir group has got many Textiles and Spinning factories
  • A Multi-thousand crore company

Registered OfficeF1, First Floor, Apollo Dubai Plaza,(Near Kodambakkam Bridge),100, Mahalingapuram Main Road, Chennai - 600034
Official Website: www.rmpinfotec.in
Phone: 044 - 28171055 / 28170644 Fax : 044 - 42138434
TNGST : 1502016 CST: 813258 DT: 14/12/2001TIN No. 33661502016

RMP is the first network marketing company that tie-up with many reputed brands to meet the globle demanands. It took a leader brands to tie-up with like Big Bazzar, Clarent world, Reliance Infocom, Sterling Resorts, Compaq, Wipro, HCL, Siyarams Suitings, Future Gernelly, Bajaj Alliance Insurance, Ozone healthcare, J Hempstead, MSIL 100% Manufacturing of Govt.

What makes RMP different from other MLM companies?

When you join RMP, you become part of the biggest, most ethical and professional business in world. Here are just some features that set RMP far better than any other MLM organization there ever was.
  • Profeshional Team support.
  • Weekly BOP & NDO in prime locations.
  • Weekly  high payout.
  • Highest number of lakhpaties and crorepaties created
  • Till more than 1.25 crores distributors all over india.
  • Fastest growth rate in MLM company entire asia.
  • Member of world trade centere.
  • Get LLC license in Dubai.
  • Zero dedit comany.
  • Highest membership base compared to any network marketing company in India.
  • First Indian Network Marketing company become International.
  • 100% legal! All Legal Decisions at RMP are taken after approval from Supreme Court of India
  • The only network marketing company in the world to get ISO 9001:2000 certification (for efficiency in processes and systems)
  • The Only network marketing company to be a member of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
  • Honoured & respected by the President of India Mrs. Pratiba Patil.

How does RMP Work?The RMP business model is designed so that both You and the company selling the product benefit maximum. Your success depends on this simple 1-2-3 formula:

1 Product
Purchase any one product packages ONLY once in life from RMP according to yours comfort & needs. All products detail given
2 Referrals
Just Refer any two people to RMP।You need at least two people to qualify for payouts (and get your first cheque Rs/-1000)
3 is Duplicate Them
Help yours referrals to duplicate steps 1 and 2 with the help of yours team.

How to join this Business
If you want to join this business tell me for this on my email address hardevsokhi1@yahoo.co.in  or call me at my cell No. 9888014007 and I provide you all the detail and procedures to join this business
After joining this, We and our Team Genesis ( Team Genesis is a top & fastest growing MLM team in entire north India)  leaders will help you how to promote this business with scientific & soficticated way.
I would like to inform you that our team Genesis associates work on this system all over India & abroad so you will get full technical and physical support moreover We provide you
• Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP)
• New Distributor Orientation (NDO)
• Leadership Training Presentations (LTP)
• Business Building Seminar (BBS)
• Slides, helping videos about this business and plan books to promote and grow this business in less efforts

You want to earn big money? Then RMP is your sure-shot ticket to a life-long GROWING income.
For every two people ( = a pair) who join under you through your referral network, you earn Rs 1000 in that particular week. This could be your direct referral or by someone 100 levels below you.
eg। If in a particular week 10 people join on your LEFT leg, and 10 people join on your RIGHT leg , you will get 10 X 1000 = Rs 10,000

Every Friday midnight will be sales closing period
The entire week's business is totaled on Saturday and Sunday। Cheques are sent out by Tuesday.
You can expect your network to grow to 100-200 people within a few months, depending on how dedicated you are and the kind of people you recruit.
The maximum payout per week for per ID a distributor will be Rs. 1 lakh 30 thousand. Some of our upline members have achieved it within 8-10 months of joining.
Apart from this there are many types of other income

Growth Income

Retail Income

Level Income

Rollup Income

Residual Income

All the visual presentations of RMP can watch on this Videos

If you can spend at least 4 hours per week in this business, and have a passion to succeed, you will make a solid income in a few weeks.

Due to simple BINARY system and our technically professional team support there are more probability than any others WE will give you OUR EXTRA LINKS to build yours business FAST and EASY.

"So many people live lives of quiet desperation because they do not make the choice to act upon their dreams. " Henry Thoreau

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